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We offer a variety of services in the area of underground utility locating, designation, coordination, and documentation. Our quality professionals bring experience and knowledge to the field and your project. The accuracy and precision that our utility locating division can provide, during the bidding, design, and excavation phases of your project, will save both time and money by preventing design errors, cost overruns, and delays while ensuring the safest atmosphere for your employees, as well as the public. It is our mission that by working together, we can provide you and your customers a highly efficient and safe workplace, which will decrease the amount of time, money, and personnel necessary to be allocated to every project. These benefits, coupled with the above and beyond preparedness that will be evident on your job sites, is sure to bring the highest quality of results to every project to which we partner on. You will, with certainty, be able to clearly identify the return that our services will make to any project. We look forward to working with you on your next endeavor and are confident that our services will be a terrific new resource for your company.

-Boyd Smith, owner/operator

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